Reasons To Use Green Oak Frames In Commercial Buildings

Oak has been a popular building material with residential builders for hundreds of years, however, it has recently started to become a favored choice of material by many commercial building architects. In this short article, we will briefly outline five key advantages of using green oak frames in non-residential new builds.

High Durability

Green oak is a hard, strong timber, which is highly resistant to water damage. Its hard-wearing properties make it a great choice for outdoor buildings, such as barns, park shelters, warehouses and more. What’s more, green oak does not require any toxic pre-treatments and it is very low-maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly

Green oak is sourced from a renewable, sustainable natural source, making it the ideal choice for eco conscious developers. When compared to alternative construction materials, oak has a low energy cost associated with its processing and transportation processes. A building constructed from oak can last for centuries, so carbon dioxide absorbed in the wood is not released into the atmosphere and allowed to contribute to global warming. Constructing commercial buildings with oak sourced from an organic farm is perhaps one of the best ways to preserve the natural environment for future generations.


Green oak frames can add instant charm and character to a building. They help a building blend into its natural surroundings, making commercial developments look classy and sophisticated. Many shops in rural villages install oak framed barn doors at their entrance-ways to make their businesses look authentic to the area.


Oak is a highly versatile building material. It can easily be used in combination with other building materials, such as concrete, glass, steel and plastic. It can be used to support the entire structure of a building or used to support windows in the form of green oak frames.

Fast Construction Speed

A further benefit of using oak is that it can reduce the build time of a project by a considerable amount. The speed of construction when it comes to natural wood commercial developments is very impressive indeed and developers can save a small fortune on labor costs.

Outlined above is a small selection of the many benefits of choosing green oak for commercial building designs. There are many good suppliers located all around the country who can provide developers with inspiration for new construction projects. Don’t be afraid to request a brochure from your nearest supplier today.