Buy Carpet Tiles: A Quick Remodeling Project

Buy Carpet Tiles: A Quick Remodeling Project

We recently purchased a new home, and it needs a lot of work. Beyond the obvious repairs that have to be done, there were several areas that I wanted to change up and brighten up, including the room that would be my son’s bedroom. In particular, the carpeting was in a terrible state. My husband and I considered all of our options before we decided to buy carpet tiles. There were a number of reasons that we decided to go this route, and in the end, we were very happy with our decision.

1. DIY

Never having replaced carpet before, I was wary of installing wall to wall carpeting. We were trying to save money, so we didn’t want to pay someone to come in and install the carpet. Carpet tiles were the perfect solution; you put them down one at a time, so you can go slowly and carefully. In addition, you don’t have to have the entire room cleared of furniture in order to install them. You can complete a portion of the room and then just shift the existing furniture over in order to finish the rest.

2. Creativity

We wanted to do something fun for our son’s room. All of the options in wall to wall carpeting were fairly boring. With carpet tiles, however, we could get creative. We purchased several of one tile and several of another. We made a pattern on his floor that he absolutely loves. In fact, it has now become part of his imaginative play. He sets his men up in a certain pattern based on the way his carpet tiles are laid on the floor.

3. Replacement

We knew that whatever flooring we put in our son’s room would get a lot of wear and tear. When traditional carpeting is damaged or stained, you normally have to replace the entire thing. However, with carpet tiles, you can just replace the tile or tiles that have a problem. It’s easier and cheaper to keep the room looking great, and that worked well for our purposes.

In the end, there were a lot of reasons that we decided to buy carpet tiles. After we finished putting them in, we were very pleased by how they looked. So far, we have also been happy with their durability. Most important of all, our son loves the way his room looks now.